Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thinking good thoughts......something new for me

I wont lie. I wasn't thrilled when i found out my 17 year old cousin had....for lack of a better word, knocked up his girlfriend. He's never been.....well grown up, i mean he's 17. Can't get through a day at school without pissing off a teacher, wont get a job, thinks he should be able to do whatever he wants on his parents dime....etc. You know he's kind of a little jerk kid, who acts grown up but is so FAR from being grown up it's laughable. so i was not impressed, excited, thrilled, or any other adjective for happy. I was PISSED. PISSED! He had dropped out of school....because he just didn't like it. He figured in this horrible economy when qualified people can't find jobs his 10th grade education would land him something BIG. I was not IMPRESSED.

But he knocked her up because apparently safe sex is for LOSERS. I know people who have had babies young and who with a little help pull there acts together and do great. I know people whoever had children young (his parents for example) and struggle for the rest of their lives. I didn't want that for him. his brother choose this same path. Knocked up his girlfriend while he was still in high school, she had TWINS, they struggle to make it EVERYDAY and she's pregnant AGAIN. and the twins are only 2. I was also not impressed with that.

These kids have the "Oh babies are fun" mind set. I wish they had the "oh babies are people, small people who depend on me to take care of them and teach them and love them, and I'm incapable of taking care of myself". But they don't. I think the one thing that concerns me the most is the fact that these two boys have twin sisters who are 8. who think this is perfectly normal. And I'm afraid that they will be in the same position in a few years. And i really worry that their parents.....don't so much care. I know they care, but i don't think they'll do much to prevent it.

But babies have a way of warming your heart. So I've come around, they know they have my support and I'm here for them.

sorry that was totally off the path i was heading for. My cousins girlfriend is 16. Her blood pressure went through the roof and they had to take her into the hospital. I commented last week at lunch to his mom that nicki didn't look like she was getting any bigger. at 6.5 months you should be bigger, she thought the same thing. Nicki had to be admitted to the hospital Sunday night because of her blood pressure. Monday they transported her to a larger hospital in the area where she and the baby both went into distress. They took the baby to save them both. Leah Rebecca Barton was born roughly 12 weeks early Monday March 22, 2010 weighting 1 lb. 11 oz. at 9.5 inches long. The doctors said her lungs aren't developed and from her appearance it looks like she hasn't grown in the last 4 weeks and her brain isn't where it should be development wise. Now two kids who don't even have their drivers license are forced to deal with what I can only assume is every parents worst nightmare because they thought they were grown up.

So if you have a minute send some love and happy thoughts this way for little Leah.


Cathy said...

Oh, Amy. Kids these days are so incredibly stupid. They feel entitled and think they are mature because of the examples they see on tv. I see it every day having three teens in my house. Right after I married Al his ex let her 13 yr old get pregnant. All we heard from my step children was how mature the girl is. I'm sorry, 13 is not mature and Al's ex is a moron. We preach in this house all the time. I hope it is sinking in. I'll be praying for niece and God bless you for being a good woman.

Joanie said...

I wonder if he like to be on the MTV show "17 and Pregnant" (or something like that).

Its really sad the learn a kid having their own kid. I'm don't understand what are they thinking. I have the same cousin who accidentally impregnated a 16 years old kid--so fine, its an accident be responsible to it. But after a year later, another baby. What?! You can't even feed the first one and you're having another one?

I really wish your cousin the best and I hope he grows up and be a responsible man. Stupid things happen to all of us and I hope he make the best of it. I'm also sending lots of prayer to baby Leah. I hope she get better and stronger everyday.