Monday, March 29, 2010

Nothing like a little therapy...retail therapy that is.

After the last couple of weeks I really needed to cut lose and do something for ME. NUMERAL UNO. I tend to not spend much money on myself.
For a few reasons~
  1. I NEVER have money to spend.
  2. When I do i would rather buy something for Sarah, Kanyon, Logan, Taylor, SOMEBODY.
  3. I tend to feel guilty when i spend money on myself...and I'm not even a parent. I hear a lot of parents say that, but I'm not a parent, why do i feel guilty???
  4. When i do spend money on myself, it's not really ON MYSELF ie. Groceries, electric, car payments, rent. You get the picture
Well this week I have some money. INCOME TAX MONEY. And yes i know i should save it and tuck it away for a rainy day...because in my world it rains...A LOT. But i figured I could spend some on myself for a change. I really needed some new clothes....let's just say someone sneaks into my apartment all the time and shrink a lot of my clothes. Someone name pizza and potato chips. Jerks. So I went out for a little retail therapy. And boy did it feel GREAT. I'm still looking for a spring coat, who would have thought a place called Burlington COAT factory, wouldn't have any coats. Interesting marketing strategy there my friends. But i did get a few new shirts (9 to be exact), a pair of shorts, jeans, work pants, head bands, nail polish, earrings, bracelets, and that purse from the other week. all for around $200. I love retail therapy.
cool clothes. I was TRYING for more color??

and my cool new purse. FYI~ the bed spread the clothes are on is new also. Bought that a few weeks ago on sale at Target for $25

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