Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I highly dislike Tuesday

I'm exhausted. It's Tuesday. I'm always exhausted on Tuesday. I know....."It's only Tuesday McMean, shape up you still have days ahead of you." I know. But I'm always exhausted on Tuesday.

My schedule is.......dumb. I know i should use my words and express myself and my views better then that, but it's Tuesday. And I'm EXHAUSTED on Tuesday. My schedule is DUMB! I work Sunday 230-830, Monday 930-830, Tuesday-Thursday 7-230. DUMB!

Being here until 830 Monday night and being BACK in here at 7 a.m. Tuesday is..........everyone together now EXHAUSTING! I want to go out and enjoy the day, but I'm already dreaming about the nap I can take after work.

By the end of my day Tuesday, which never comes fast enough for me, I've already logged at least 24 hours of my (what should be) 37 hour work week. And that's on a good week. A week when I'm not staying late Sunday and Monday, a week where I'm not stuck here late Tuesday-Thursday.....those weeks don't happen often. And when I do have OVERTIME on my time card I have to listen to people grumble about how it's not fair I get paid for overtime and everyone else needs to take comp time. My question when should I come in late or leave early, because they decided they didn't need to replace my back-up co-worker. So If i come in late, I'm here late. If i leave early, I'm here late the next day. So honestly.......you can have the overtime pay, I'll gladly give it to you. Just shut up and do the work. And then maybe I wont be so EXHAUSTED on Tuesday.

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