Tuesday, February 9, 2010

s-NO-w, s-NO-w, s-NO-w

So last weekend we (along with a few of you) were the lucky recipients of WAY TO MUCH SNOW. And word on the street is, we are in for more tonight and into tomorrow. SUPER. Now i haven't been able to upload pictures from last weekends snow. I've only have one i took with my cell phone but i think it'll get the point across.you can almost see the trailed i shoveled down to my car, it's the first one next to the unfinished shed (that's a story for another day). Needless to say because of the drifts it was RIDICULOUS. I'm hoping my SUV can drive over whatever amount we get tonight. They are calling for 10-15 inches. I shouldn't have any trouble. but I couldn't drive over the stuff in the above picture......well let's just say i decided not to try to drive over it.

Lucky for me I was a girl scout so was prepared for a weekend spent inside, ALONE, with no Internet or cable.
Good times. Even Luckier for me, tomorrow i get to GET UP and COME to WORK. Regardless of the snow! OH BOY!

FYI~ I don't like to talk about stuff that's going between me and members of the opposite sex. Feels like whenever i get excited about a guy and tell people about him. it BLOWS up in my face. BUT.........I'm horrible about keeping things like that to myself because I'm so excited about it. SO.......I've been talking to a nice gentleman who I'll be going on a date with (fingers crossed this doesn't jinx me) next week. And i just HAD to tell all of YOU! Maybe this guy wont be a douchebag like the last 2. We can only hope right.


kt said...

we can only hope he is not a dbag! keep kissing those froggies!

Sam_I_am said...

I've been watching netflix to deal with the snow-tastrophe. PA state of emergencies. Awesome. Fortunately, I haven't had to go to work. Unfortunately for you, people don't put off meeting their maker just because of the snow. That should be in the state of emergency bulletin. Good luck with the new fella!