Thursday, February 18, 2010

OH Man

So tomorrow is the big night. D-Night. DATE NIGHT! I keep telling myself, try not to act like a dumb girl. Try not to get all self conscious, don't change your outfit a hundred thousand times, because that will mess up your hair and make-up. Do i even OWN make-up? Oh man is that a pimple?? Great. Just GREAT.

So needless to say I'm anxious for my date tomorrow night. I'm having lunch with my cousin tomorrow, will I'll ramble over what I'll wear, we might do some shopping because i need a pair of jeans that can hide my airplane hanger sized Ass.

The plan is he'll pick me up and we are going to a hibachi place for dinner. I love those places and it's a fun atmosphere so that should be cool. Then maybe bowling afterward, something other then a movie. That was his suggestion, no movies, because we can't talk at the movies. What if i don't have anything to talk about. Maybe i should make some note cards. LOL

OH MAN! I'm sure my afternoon will look something like thisI have NO idea what I'll wear as of now. And I've been thinking about it for weeks.

I wish my BFF was here, I'm not very good with the whole hair and make-up thing. So it will probably be straight( the hair) and a little mascara (the make-up).

I'm just hoping the night doesn't end like this. Oh Please don't let the night end like this. OH PLEASE!

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