Monday, February 8, 2010

In YOUR face LADY!

I deal with a lot of CRAP, not as much as my uncle who owns a septic service (now there's a ton of money in that job), but a lot of crap none the less. And some days I can't believe I don't go through the phone and grab a hold of the person on the other end. My favorite is when a man calls and yells and belittles me, I just want to say "Wow sir do you feel better about yourself? Calling and trying to intimidate a girl" (i sound roughly 8 years-old on the phone). Or the arrogant people who call and lay into me about how everything is my fault....and I'm not even the right person. Sure blame me for your wet newspaper, missing circular, world hungry and The break up of N*Sync. that's fine.

Well today takes the cake. A women calls and starts yelling at me about an obit that ran 2 MONTHS ago that I didn't put the photo in for. First off we don't keep the hard copy of the emails for that long, so i can't verify that we every received a photo to run with this obit. When i question her about whether of not the funeral home sent the photo she said and i quote "I can guarantee the photo was sent because they sent it to all the other photos so I know it was sent to you and you dropped the ball. How hard is it to do your job correctly." It's at that point I have a lot of trouble keeping my cool. It played out something like this.

Me~ Mame I'm very sorry but I don't have the information form that far back so I can't confirm if we ever even received the photo. Are you sure they sent a photo, because we keep all the photos on file and there isn't a photo for her for the day the obit ran.

Bitch lady~ I know they sent a photo. You didn't put it in and it cost so much to run the obit in your paper and you couldn't even get it right. I can guarantee you the photo was sent, everyone else got it right but YOU just couldn't do your job.

Me~ Mame had you notified us when the obit ran we could have corrected it for you.

Bitch lady~ It had already run, you couldn't have fixed it.

Me~ Mame we would have run the obit the next with the photo at no charge.
Bitch lady~ Well i was to busy to worry with it then, this is the first time I've had time to call and complain (in 2 months this is the first few second you've had!). If you would have done your job from the beginning and run the photo they sent you...

Me~ (i cut in) Well Mame we faxed or emailed a proof copy for the funeral home to view prior to print so I'm not sure why they didn't call when they saw the photo was missing.

Bitch lady~ Oh....I was unaware that...

Me~ (I cut her off again) Yes Mame you are unaware so maybe you shouldn't be yelling at me and making accusations if you aren't sure what your talking about. I'll take your name and number and you can talk to my boss, because the obit was billed through the funeral home so we can't refund you any money.

So she talked to my boss and yelled at her. Afterward my boss and i were discussing it when the women called back. She called the funeral home to tell them how WE were blaming them and the funeral director told her "you never told me to send the photo to that paper, so it was never sent" BINGO! NOW what bitch. I was surprised she actually APOLOGISED. I told my boss that made my day, her being proven wrong and calling to eat crow. MADE MY DAY!

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Gretta said...

You never know what to expect when you are dealing with families who recently lost loved one. The best thing to do is to be sympathetic.