Sunday, February 7, 2010


I might have mentioned it vaguely the pother week that we were having a "ladies lunch" with my cousins and aunts. Now it's important to mention these are not ALL of my Aunts or female cousins. WE have a whole slew of them that couldn't make it, or choose not to come....whatever.

But WE had a birthday lunch, which appears we will be doing a few more times till we get everyone in, last Saturday at Logan's. It was fun......all 3 hours of it. Good times.

Some of us haven't gotten together in a LONG time. My dad is one of 8 and after a falling out a few years ago over my grandmothers care, we stopped having all the big family parties. So us ladies are slowly working towards getting those up and running again.

In this picture is Me, Melissa( in the green), Tammy and Bonnie. Melissa and i go to lunch as often as we can, and her twin girls stay with me pretty often.

And lastly, who's family doesn't make them want to drink, and drink, and drink and drink, sometimes. CHEERS!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time! LOL at those large beers glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam_I_am said...

As long as you're drinking with a smile on your face :)