Sunday, February 28, 2010

Flash Backs

so they said it was going to snow again. ON NO. So of course everyone went and bought eggs, milk, and bread, apparently snow brings out a mad craving for french toast, and buckled down for the SNOW. It barely covered the ground. As many of you know, aside from my friends in the warmer weather, we did get hit rather hard a few weeks ago and I finally have a few pictures to share from my weekend TRAPPED in my house with....MYSELF! And just let me tell you, kind of a snob.

This was from the first snow i had to shovel to my car, that thing with the snow drift almost as high as it. I spent 3 hours shoveling. and I HATED every HOUR of it.

I took this later that night, you cna see how the snow is filling in my hard fought trails!

And this is the snow from about a week later when we got hit with yet another bad storm. this was the day I was stuck at work for 7 hours with no power. Oh the joys!

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Diane said...

Yup. I've got those same pictures. The snow has almost melted, though. And if it comes back? I'm going to be pissed. Just sayin'.