Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I must be on TV

My life is like one endless running joke.......on ME. Just when i think things COULDN'T get any more...............MESSED up. they do.

In the past 7 months I've talked two DIFFERENT guys. Both turned out to be HUGE A*holes. But that's not the messed up part.

I've meant a new guy who SEEMS nice and I can't wait for our big DATE on Friday. Still not the messed up part.

The messed up part is that A*hole one doesn't get the point that I really don't want to see him anymore. See he was less then HONEST about EVERYTHING he told me. Including the COMPLETELY SINGLE part. unless are you single means, "Beside the pregnant girlfriend who lives with you and who you've since MARRIED, are you seeing anyone else". So needless to say i don't want anything to do with him. He doesn't want to let up.

Next messed up part, A*hole two, who i haven't seen or heard from in over a month texts me some VERY inappropriate stuff yesterday about certain parts of his body....if you get what I mean. GROSS. When i told him I was SO not interested and did he really think that after not talking to me for a month I would just jump at the chance, his response was "I was busy". My response was "Leave me alone, your lame".

The truly messed up part, it's like they know. Know that I'm going on a date with a guy who seems nice and they better try to mess that up for me. I'm starting to think the A*holes know each other and plan this shit out. The new guy and i haven't meant yet, face to face, but we've been talking for a few weeks. I meant him on Plenty of Fish, a dating site. We have a similar sense of humor and he's easy to talk to so I'm excited. But not that excited.

Ok I'm PEE my pants EXCITED! I'm night before Christmas excited. but I'm also VERY nervous, Bush was running for reelection the last time i went on a really date. I have no idea what to do, how to act..........this should be interesting. LOL

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