Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Same kid different day

Maybe my theme this week (yesterday and today) should have been MY NEPHEW. Because I'm going to delight everyone with some fun photos from the weekend. YES. PHOTOS. of people you don't really know. What could be better then that?

When Big Brother and i were younger, 10 or so, my dad bought a go-cart. Well to be honest we had a few go-carts and four wheelers in our day, but this particular one was "for us" but not really at the same time. We wanted something fast! Something that would run in the field or the parking lot. Did i mention we wanted something FAST. So my dad buys a "go-cart" that looks like a model T. Yup. A Model T. Now this "go-cart" as it was billed was built for 1. and there was always more then 1 of us. So we converted the back part to more riding space. Someone drove and someone rode int he back, conveniently sitting right over top the DO NOT RIDE WITH PEOPLE IN THE BACK sign. And we were rough on it. So rough. But hey, we were kids and we were rough on EVERYTHING. BB would drive while Myself, or one of our friends would hold on for dear life on the back. Sometimes when we were feeling daring we would lace up our Rollerblades and let BB pull us around behind the "go-cart". Looking back possibly not our brightest moment. Alas we were kids.

What does this have to do With Kanyon? Well BB got the "go-cart" out two weekends ago (yes my dad still has it) and started tinkering with it. it ran. So on we threw Kanyon. And here is the conversation from that.
BB~ You can ride it now, get on
Kanyon~ Wheres my helmet?
BB~ (looks at me) ahhh...
Me~ We don't have your helmet here but it'll be ok
Kanyon~ Daddy you really should have brought my helmet if I was going to be riding this go-cart.
BB and Me~ (blank stares) ahhhhh
BB~ GET ON! and don't go to fast.
Kanyon~ (takes off way to fast)
Me~ Helmet huh? We should have thought about that...right?
BB~ I guess so.
US~ Oh well.

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Sam_I_am said...

helmet, shmelmet. I never wore a helmet and only once did I bash my brains in. I wrecked my bike and the handle bar came right down into my temple and.... wait, what was I saying?