Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Head out on the highway.....

I've posted a LOT about the visit I had with my friends the Smith's from Buffalo. I promise this will be the last post until I. Amy McMean go to Buffalo in 3 weeks. I PROMISE! So here it is my Wordful Wednesday post.

I live in York, Pa. claim to fame~ We have a Harley plant here, for how much longer is up in the air, so my friends have always wanted to go to Harley for the tour. So This visit, we made it. ENJOY!
I've lived in York 27 years, give or take the 5 i lived somewhere else, and I've NEVER gone on the Harley Plant tour. I've only ever been over to the plant ONCE. And I come from a Harley family. And a how things are made kind of family, so it's always seemed odd we never went. Well. Now we've gone. Minus my brother who couldn't go on the plant tour part because my nephew was to young. GRRRR.... However they were able to join us for the "sit on the bike" part. Which let's be honest was the best part!
Kanyon enjoyed climbing all over the bikes.

The Smith's on their bike. THEY WISH!

Our tour was modified because they were working on the 2010 bikes so they couldn't take us to the assembly line. They were having the dealer show that weekend so after then you could see the bikes. they are very Willy Wonker and Chocolate Factory secretive about the bikes. So now you can go see the Assembly line, but we couldn't. Figures. We had a blast none the less.

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Jeanette said...

Looks like a good time!