Tuesday, August 18, 2009

No respect I tell ya, No respect

This is Kanyon. the one child that is required by LAW to call me Aunt Amy. REQUIRED by law. and he doesn't. Never has. I've always been just. Amy. Or when he's goofy Amy-way-me. this next kid better call me Aunt Amy. It's a title i feel I've earned. I changed his diapers. Who scooped him up off the floor during the Easter Explosion of 2004, rushed him up stairs and threw him in the tub. Yours truly. for the record it was gross. GAG me. Who pulled him out of the pine tree and wiped off his tears after his Daddy let the sled go right into the tree. ME. Who played endless games of TROUBLE with him until she wanted to pull her hair out or smooth his winning ass with a pillow. ME. And yet do i get a little respect? NO. Where did i go wrong with this kid? I blame Sponge Bob. Mainly because i hate that stupid little ocean dweller.

don't get me wrong I LOVE my nephew. but sometimes he's more like a little brother then a nephew. He tattles on me when i dangle him outside the pool, when i shove him in the water with his mouth open, when i throw the diving rings at his head (not hard). He fights me for the best toys (why must I always be the beat up match box car with a missing wheel?). And for some reason whenever we play star wars or power ranger, my two FAVORITE things to do (insert eye roll), i never win. I cut off his arm he replaces it with a robot arm. He cuts off my arm... I'm dead? What? different rules? Here's what happen Saturday.

Kanyon~ I'll be Darth Mal (spelling?)
Me~ I want to be Yoda.
Kanyon~ Can you jump over me?
Me~ What
Kanyon~ Can. You. Jump. Over. ME (said it very smart ass like, like he was speaking slowly for me because i'm stupid or something)
Me~ Uhm pretending? Yes.
Kanyon~ We aren't pretending.
Me~What? (my mistake didn't realize this was FOR REAL)
Kanyon~ If you can't jump over me while I'm standing up, you can't be Yoda.
Me~ I'll pretend to jump over you like this. (i make weird gestures and then jump in the air)
Kanyon~ What was that?
Me~I jumped over you.
Kanyon~ Uhm. no you didn't.
Me~ I don't want to play anymore. (throws sword down and stomps off in a huff)

Yes I am just that grown up.


Diane said...

I'm 20 years older than you and I'm that grown up, too. See what you're in for?

Samantha said...

I'm 10 years older than my nephew and he calls me "T" we've always fought like siblings. Like when he was little and would go in my room and steal my make-up and write on the walls with it... until i held him down and put make-up on him and told him "If you want to play with it, you're going to play with it right!!!" That stopped that. He's 15 now and he's one of my best friends. Don't worry, it will get better!

Sam_I_am said...

that last comment was me. I was logged in under the "joint" account.