Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Buffalo part 1

Sorry I've been a bit....M.I.A. lately. You know me, easily distracted by shiny things. It's a long story, my MIA-ness, and I honestly don't want to get into it. Not today. Maybe not every.
Instead, let's talk Buffalo. I went up Thursday and came home Sunday, just long enough for a nice little vacation. Soccermoms baby shower was the main draw, the Smith Klan was the second draw, and the food....welll, maybe the food was second. Shhh. don't tell anyone.

It rained off and on which made doing things rather difficult. But thankfully rain has no effect on food. We hit up Ted's for so yummy grilled dogs. Duffs for wings. Wings that were 'supposed" to not burnt he hell out of my lips. HOWEVER, they did. And finally Vizzies. home of the MONSTER burger. Home of the "heart attack giver". I opted to try something else on the menu and went with Beef on Weck. If you don't know what Beef on Weck is, it's sliced beef on a roll that's topped with SALT. I've had it before but never from Vizzies. I was so excited. And then this came out.
I've never felt DEFEATED by my food before. It was HUGE! I knew it would be huge. It's kind of the theme of the place. but CHRIST. I had to pull half, more then half, of the meat off just so I could make it small enough to fit in my mouth. The next picture is STAGED. It was after I took meat out, but not enough.

Steve took the picture for me. You can see the beef hanging down from the back. It was CRAZY. and NO my dear friends. I did NOT eat the whole thing. NOT even close. I took a huge pile of meat off and cut the sandwich in half and only consumed one half of the sandwich. There was still half left over and enough meat for two more NORMAL sized sandwiches. I HEART Vizzies!


Melissa said...

WOW... that's giant... I wonder if Adam from "Man vs. Food" has ever been there!!
Did you go to the Anchor Bar?? By far, THE BEST wings...ever!!

Diane said...

OH. MY. GOD. I have NEVER seen a sandwich like that! It could feed a small nation! ;)