Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Real Gold Flakes

So i blog about my friends A LOT. I blog about my bloggy friends A LOT. I blog about my nephew...you guessed it A LOT. I even blog about my family. Oh yeah and Logan, but who wouldn't blog about a cute little baby who SMILES NOW! I'll need to get some of those pictures up. But this isn't about any of those things. Well...... it sort of is. I'm going to blog about Soccermom's husband, Steve Smith. Yes people that is his real honest to goodness name. Mr. Steven Smith. How much more generic can you get. anywho.

Steve Smith. What can i say about Mr. Smith. He's handy. He put my a/c unit for me once. He's accommodating. He's let me tag along to the driving range to hit some balls when the wife was busy and i was in town. He even let em it int he hot car with the windows rolled up for what seemed like hours while he talked to some guy about golf clubs. He's a peach. But i think these photos say it best.This is the face of someone who is about to be someones FATHER. In October he will be welcoming his first child, with the lovely Soccermom.

Yup. these guy. the one on the rocket ship trying to live out his life long dream to ride the quarter rocket, is going to be guiding a CHILD. Best of luck to you. and oh yeah. thanks for stopping by. I just felt compelled to say that.

No. I think he'll be a fine dad. I mean. He showed me how to hit a golf ball, drank shots of Goldslagger (?) with until we (I) could hardly stand. Told my ex I was easy. And loves the Maury Povich show. See the makings of a great dad.

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