Monday, August 10, 2009


Some of you might remember a few weeks ago I gave a shout to an old school friend who has an Etsy shop. Enjoy by Michael Lynn Wherley. He makes really cool handbags. I wish I was capable of sewing a button back on my pants. Alas. I am not. So I'm amazed by people who can make things like clothing and bags. I made a little drawstring bag before and the stupid thing never tighten up. I'm better with paper, and paint. and if you need a hand with a Halloween party. I. am. your girl. But sewing. not so much. WOW holy Tangent. sorry about that. So anyway, where does the free stuff come into play you might be asking yourself. I swear it wasn't a ruse to get you to ready my blog today. There is free stuff.

Another classmate is hosting a give away on her blog. Up for grabs, a handmade bag by Mr. Michael Lynn Wherley. Yes that's right. an original. can't find it anywhere else, Kick ass bag. All you have to do is go check out Fikle Chik and follow her rules for entering. You get to pick from a few of her favorites. and the girl has taste. so I'm plugging Mike's shop, and Lauren's blog today, because us West York kids seem to stick together.

My favorite bag up for grabs is #8 on her board. I'm so glad it's on there I was looking at Mike's site last week (I think it was last week time blends together so much), and i saw it and fell in love. So that's my pick. I think you should all swing by and check out the give a way over at Fikle Chik, I think you guys will enjoy her blog all around. And stop by Enjoy and check out all the bags Mike has to offer.

If any of you win I get borrowing rights to the bag :) Best of Luck!!

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