Thursday, January 21, 2010


I just really don't understand anything anymore. How can one person tell you how stupid you are for talking to someone else who treats you bad, when that person has done even worst things to you. I'm to good for him but not to good for you? Do you really not see that, when you say these things? I just don't see what the difference is. I SHOULDN'T talk to either of you, but sometimes things aren't so easy. But you are right, I'm BETTER then this. BETTER then both of you.

He might be a "fucking loser" in your words, but you've hurt me far more then he has. Because I cared about you, and everything from start to finish was a lie. EVERYTHING. Apparently you choose to not remember that.

Funny how you suddenly care.


Cathy said...

OOOO, Big Hugs!

kt said...

amy mac,i think we have the same complex and ridiculous love lives.