Monday, January 4, 2010

Chirstmas in photos

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas / PC Holiday and Happy New Year.

I'll share a few of my favorite photos.

The Nephew with his AWESOME (not so much) voice changing toy. Which he decided to use while yelling in my face, "Please get my remote control car out of the box! (Repeat, repeat....I think you get it). Like it's not hard enough to get toys out of the box with all the twisty ties, tape, and SCREWS they use to hold them in. Needless to say this was Aunt McMean's least favorite toy

The super YUMMY dinner we had Christmas Eve at my best friends house. She flew in from Denver and I hadn't seen in her in a YEAR! It was the best gift ever (she reads this)

BB's girlfriend about to POP! We are officially on baby watch. Any day now the Doctor said little Sarah can come out and play. Come on kid, get here already I'm tired of all the hype. Please I can't wait to see your mom's head explode when she takes you home!! LOL.

And it wouldn't be a post with a picture of heart breaker. This was him in the first snow we had this winter. Preggers and i laid him down in the snow and tortured, I mean took his picture.

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Diane said...

That last one made me snort! Look at his face... you just know he's thinking, "Get me the HELL out of this damned freezing snow, you big losers!" Poor kid. You guys are mean.