Sunday, January 10, 2010

Scum suckers 1----McMean 0

I'm on the verge of just giving up. This letter should explain everything.

Dear Low life scum suckers,
Good one random low life scum sucker. Jokes on me. Imagine my surprise, Friday when I checked my bank accounts only to learn I had NO money. I hope whatever you spent MY money on malfunctions and BURNS YOUR FUCKING HOUSE DOWN!
My deepest hatred
Amy McMean!

Back story.
First i thought It was a computer issue with the bank, because I KNEW my check had been deposited 2 days prior and there was NO way I spent my whole check in 2 days. NO WAY. So I called the office and spoke to a very nice women who informed me my accounts were frozen because I had made more purchases then I had money for.

Interesting. I knew I paid about $300 worth of bills and that was it. Maybe $70 on little purchases like food and gas. But there was no way I SPENT my whole check, which was the largest check I've had in a long time (100 hours). She precedes to read off all the charges i made the day before, which i knew was NONE.

$500 at Home Depot......uhmmmmmm. NO. I didn't spend any money at Home depot. I haven't been to Home Depot to buy anything in at least a year. $200 at Walmart.........uhm....NO. I NEVER go to Walmart. $13 at Exxon Gas station.......uhmmmmmm. No. We don't even have an exxon gas station in my town.

I precede to explain to her that I did not make those purchases, then she informs me that they were all made in Chicago! CHICAGO! Well that really wasn't me then. She tells me there isn't much they can do until all the things clear out of my account, but they froze my card and that will insure these people don't spend any more of my money. It also insures that I don't have an access to my money either. If i need cash, which i don't have anyways because these LOW LIFE SCUM SUCKERS TOOK IT ALL, I would need to go to the bank and get money out. GREAT.

At 3 o'clock she informs me that the charges have cleared out of my account and I'll need to go to my local branch and fill out the paper work then I'll need to go to the police station and file a police report. After this is all done they will process my paper work and give me ALL my money back. GOOD NEWS......Right? HHMMM. I go to my branch where they inform me that No i must FIRST go to the police station, because they need to police report to fill out the forms.

I tell them that's not what I was told and is there anything i can fill out now. They ask me if I've contacted the merchants where the money was spent. NO. I didn't know I was supposed, no one told me that. Then I inform them that the women I spoke with said no numbers or addresses had appeared with the charges. They contact the main office where she informs them they don't have any numbers for me to call, but they should have the numbers by MONDAY. So I can't do ANYTHING. They tell me to go ahead and go to the police station and fill out the report and take care of that, they'll call me with the numbers for these places in CHICAGO on Monday and I'll have to call them then. ??????? Why do i have to call Home Depot in Chicago and ask them if they are going to give me my money back? Doesn't my Credit Union have a department that handles this sort of thing? Guess not. So I leave and head to my local police station.

Side note- My Credit Union is across town, so getting there at 4 p.m. on a Friday is a hassle. But trying to get back across town to my local police station, WORSE.

By the time we get to the cop shop.......Their closed. CLOSED! CLOSED! So I can't get the report filed. So I'm nowhere with the whole issue. Now it wouldn't be to horrible bad however, Monday I work 9am to 8:30 p.m. How am I supposed to get anything done. I need to file the report, get the information so i can call these places (which they said they'll have for me by 9 a.m.), finish the paperwork, drop it off across town, and be at work. I guess I must be SUPERWOMEN. My mom said If i call her with the numbers in the morning she'll call the places while I'm filing the report and that she'll run it across town because she's off. HOWEVER, I'm pretty sure I need to be at the credit union to sign the affidavit. this SUCKS! Lucky for me my boss is understanding and If I'm here by 11am at the latest it'll be ok. This sucks!

So that was how I spent my fun Friday off. Frustrated, in tears, and pretty much just hating my life and everyone I encountered that day. It was a BAD day. And to top it all off my PARENTS yelled at me about how it's my fault because I pay bills online and I buy things online, and blah blah blah blah blah. Great thanks guys, because that's what I really needed on top of everything else. To be yelled out. Yeah. that was definitely what I needed not a hug, or a it's going to be ok. Instead I got, "well we tell you not to do stuff online, but you know better" THANKS!

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Diane said...

Oh man, I'm so sorry! Something similar happened to me years ago, when my new debit card got delivered to the wrong address and the buttwipe that got it charged nearly $3,000 before we found out. Our credit union was great and credited everything back with little effort on our part. Do they have any idea how someone in Chicago got your info? Were they online purchases? If they weren't how'd they get your card?

I hope you can get it all worked out quickly and painlessly tomorrow! Thinking of you!