Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well I FINALLY know what happen to my money. I have to say it's very satisfying to KNOW what happen, because often times this sort of thing is never really CLEARED up. I figured it was a case of crap luck. Someone, somehow got my information and I got screwed. That's what I figured. And what I would have continued to figure until the lady at my credit union made that fatal error and let it slip that the numbers on MY card and the numbers on the card used to make the purchases weren't the same. HMMMMMMmmmm......

So my mom, who's name is on the account, asked a few questions yesterday when she stopped to put money into my account, so my car payment doesn't bounce.

She asked how two different card numbers would be tied to the same account. They told her because I have TWO cards. NO I don't. She said she knew I lost a card awhile ago and I had filled out the paperwork to cancel the card and they sent me a new card, new number. They told her I never did that. I NEVER told them to close the card. UHM? Why would I leave a lost card open to my account???? She said she knew that wasn't true and they should check my file. Ater much huffing and puffing, they did just that to find a SIGNED form from me saying I wanted the card CLOSED! CLOSED! OOppps. so needless to say it has now been proven that I (Amy McMean) am 100% not at fault here, and THEY (bad credit union) are 100% AT FAULT. So of course everyone is VERY sorry. Ahh Thanks. Sorry doesn't get my money back. They called their main branch told them what happen, which i can only assume went something like this.

Lady~ So we really fucked this one up, we never closed her lost card like she asked us to.
other lady~ did she sign the paperwork?
L2- Oh shit. Well that's great. Just tell her regardless it's a 10 day waiting period for her money.
L1- Ok.

So let me get this straight. They didn't follow through with their job, and I'm out $700 because of it, but there isn't anything they can do for me. Uhm.......SWELL. You would think this would cause them to wave that 10 period. Nope. They told my mom, "Well you're loaning her money so she doesn't need it before the 10 day period is up anyways".

I can only imagine how my mom looked after that statement. Then i asked my mom if she told them that now she would have to call and apologies for yelling at me for buying things online, because she had assumed this was all my fault.

It feels good to know how this happen. I'm still pissed, and I'm still going to close the account and open a new one with them. It will make me feel better. I've been banking with this credit union for 10 years and have only ever had one other problem, funny enough it was a case of paperwork not being filed correctly. I'll give them another go. If something like this happens again......I'm out.


Diane said...

I'm SO glad it got sorted out... I didn't think that sounded right yesterday. But their service is still crap! They should be bending over backwards to take care of you. I know the appeal of a credit union but if it were me, I'd be out of there fast. That is just WRONG. They OWE you. If this was YOUR mistake, you can guarantee THEY wouldn't be waiting 10 days for YOU!

Cathy said...

I'm with Diane on this and screw them! I'd tell them that you are calling the Better Business Bureau and the Secretary of State's office to complain because it was their mistake that will now show up on YOUR credit report! Seriously Girl, they should be kissing your ass! You are too nice but hey that's one of the reasons we love you. lol