Monday, January 11, 2010


So recap from yesterday.

Bad people took my money.

Fast forward to today.

I was at the police station by 9:30 a.m. (For future reference my local cop shop closes PROMPTLY at 4:30 p.m. and reopens at 9 a.m. good to know) filed my report, joked with the chief about obits and how both of ours could be summed up in 5 lines (always comes up when I tell people what I do) informed him that NO I did not LEND my card to an ex-friend, roommate, boyfriend, girlfriend ( how pc of him) or anyone who might have charged these things, and them left. When I got home I still hadn't heard from the credit union about these "numbers" they were going to give me to call, so I called them. I think they think I'm a pain. Oh Well. She tells me there are no numbers and I can just write that on the form and hand it in. THEN she tells me it'll take 10 DAYS till I get MY money back. GREAT. My car payment comes out in 5 days. I've never been good at math but even I know this is going to be a problem. Then she precedes to tell me that the card they canceled (the card I have in my hand) isn't the card that made the purchases, and am I sure I don't have another card. At which point I say, I'm positive I only have one card but even if I did wouldn't the numbers be the same? (this appears to be less and less my fault).

So now everyone gets all like "I don't know whats going on". and I'm like "this better not affect me getting my money back".

so long story short. I'll have my money in 10 days (i think). I have no idea if this will happen again, I have no idea how this happen to begin with, and I have no idea what REALLY happen. so I have nothing. SUPER! lol.


Cathy said...

Oh Amy.....all I can say is F***! And I don't usually curse but this is friggin awful. I'm praying for you. Promise.

Diane said...

I'm SO sorry! And I'm sure it's not your fault! It all sounds bizarre... and like maybe the money shouldn't have been taken out of your account in the first place! Fingers crossed it'll all be resolved quickly.

Amy McMean said...

thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry! Ugh! I hate when things like this happens! We just got over a "credit problem" where apparently Emporium (is that the name?!) just added another man to my husbands credit b/c they have the same 1st and last name. how nice of them to "assume" they were the same person, as it made it look as if we were 20,000 in debt!