Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Setting the curve

The Prompts: Thanks to Mama Kat

1.) Time for your tangent…what is your latest complaint?
(inspired by Jill from I Don’t Want An Oscar)

2.) If you could have given yourself a snapshot five years ago of what your life is like now, what would the picture be of and how do you think you would have felt about it?
(inspire by Sera from Laughing Through The Chaos)

3.) What’s in YOUR name? What does it mean? Why was it given to you? etc..
(inspired by by Jade from Now That I’m No Longer 25…)

4.) Write a letter to the first person who ever broke your heart.
(inspired by Alecia from The Silva Family)

5.) Welcome to the most shocking rose ceremony in writing prompt history. Please award roses to the ten people (or items) in your life that you’d like to continue pursuing a relationship with.

Let's see I've been posting on #1 all week. For those who don't know I found out Friday someone had spent all the money in my bank account. found out Tuesday it was because the Credit union never closed my lost card in October like i requested they do when they sent me a new card. And now I have no money until they 10 waiting period is over and they give it all back. grrrrr.

#2 my life is nothing like I THOUGHT it would be. NOTHING. Don't know if that's for the better or not.

#3 My full Name is Amy Lee McMean (well the last name isn't) My mom wanted my name to be AmyLee McMean, no middle name, but they messed it up on the birth certificate, THANK GOODNESS. My mom saw it on the credits of a movie and liked it.

#4. Dear Almost Happily Ever After,

Believe it or not, I still think about you. Then I think of all the horrible things you said (which you later tried to retract) and still can't understand how you could say those things (true or not) to the person you CLAIMED to love. YOU were the one with all the plans, YOU were the one who said things would be ok, YOU were the one I trusted and believed. and YOU were the one that turned and walked away and left me crying uncontrollable. YOU were the one that gave up. YOU were the one that said you wanted something BETTER, something GREAT. But I will FOREVER be the the ONE THAT GOT AWAY. I will be the person you gave up on when things got tough. I'll forever be your "what if", I'll be the one who stood by you through everything and you'll be the one who ran when I needed you the most. But I'll forever be the one you let get away.

xoxo McMean

And finally #5 Ten people or things I want to pursue a relationship with.

  1. Grilled cheese. I don't know what's with me these days but I could eat grilled cheese every night and be perfectly happy. I think it's because I've branched out to all different kinds of cheese and three cheese grilled goodness. What can i say I'm sort of a grilled cheese snob.
  2. my USED PS2. One of the best gifts I got this Christmas. See kids not everything needs to be BRAND NEW. It has provided me with hours of entertainment, and I'm looking forward to many more sleepless nights spent trying to decide if I am indeed, Smarter then a 5th grader.
  3. SPELL CHECK. enough said.
  4. Egg's from a carton. No Shells. No Mess. Keep up the good work.
  5. Lotion. I know I've been kind of busy lately, and i don't always pay enough attention to you, but I know you're there for me when no one else is and you heal all my breaks and cracks.
  6. Crazy old guy that calls me everyday for the last 3 weeks to ask if his friend died yet. What would I do without you. Thanks for the daily calls and updates. I sleep better at night.
  7. Blogger. I've been very neglectful lately. I plan to go back to my old ways of blogging MORE often. Please give me a chance to renew our love.
  8. Facebook. I should drop you, you addicting drug, but I'll keep you around for now.
  9. Logan, Taylor (the baby), and soon to be born Sarah. Oh the things I will teach you 3 as you grow up. Everyone is getting I <3>
  10. And finally. Healthy foods. I've dropped 15 lbs. and I'm looking and feeling better so let's keep up the good work and maybe I'll start a flirtatious relationship with your friend the GYM.


Mama the Chef said...

I like your list of ten, who knew you could make grilled cheese with different cheeses!? Wow, is all I can say!! And on your letter to an ex---yea, I totally realate

Diane said...

First, I am SO glad you see yourself as the one he let get away! You are SO right!!

Second, while I love the name Amelie, which is really a version of AmyLee, I'm not crazy about AmyLee (though I like Amy and Lee each by themselves). Doesn't make much sense but I don't always make sense.

Third... good list. I'm developing an addiction to FB, too. If you want, find me on there (email me for my last name, as I won't put it up in Blogland either). If you don't want, that's cool, too :)