Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hoping for a puppy

My Big Brother (BB) and his girlfriend are having a baby. Well the girlfriend is, BB will be more then likely stand around looking stupid while she pushes a CHILD out of her You. Know. Where. If BB had to birth a child it would be a HUGE deal. He thinks he'll die every time he gets sick. And that's just the common cold.

Well tomorrow is Pre-D-Day. Maybe that sounds to dramatic. To Devastating. Tomorrow is the day they go to find out what IT is. I'm hoping for a puppy. One with floppy brown ears and white spots on it's back, OH and those huge doggy paws on a little tiny puppy. to cute. Everyone else is hoping for a boy or a girl. But let's be honest. A puppy would make a better story don't you think?

My mom hopes it's a girl. I'm not sure if anyone else has any strong feelings one way or the other. Well my nephew is hoping for a little brother. Mainly because he already has boy toys to give the kid. I'm hoping for a puppy.

They picked their names. Since Kanyon is well Kanyon and not named after BB, who was named after my dad, who was named after his dad, who was named after.... well I think you get the point. Kanyon SHOULD have been George Herbert Macneal, V. However his GEM of a mother said no. and What Mommy says goes. So he ended up Kanyon Reigns McCandless Macneal. I'm not sure which was a worse fate.

So if it's a boy it'll be George Herbert Macneal, V. I think my dad is hoping for a boy. If it's a girl it'll be Sarah Catherine Macneal which sounds WAY to HOLY CATHOLIC for me. and we aren't even holy catholic. or catholic at all. I said WOW why don't you just drop her with some nuns right away. Oh maybe I'll make her a little nun outfit. That would be so funny...well to me at least. and let's be honest, that's all that matters.

My mom wants a girl because she already has a grandson so she would like a granddaughter. This was decided at dinner a few weeks ago. Here is the conversation i had with my parents.
Mom~ I hope it's a girl then I'll have a grandson and a granddaughter.
Me~ Wow mom. how very PC of you.
Dad~Well who knows if you'll ever have children this could be our last shot.
Mom~ Yeah. by the time you ever have children, if you ever do, we'll be too old to even recognize them.
Me~Wow. I'm not that old.
Mom~ Yeah well you aren't that young either.
Me~check please!

I think i might never have kids just to spite her! Thanks for the vote of confidence mom and dad. Christ. I like how they have changed they ton from "when" you get married, "when" you have children, to "If". Makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

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