Sunday, September 13, 2009

Polar bear plunge

Let’s see rain all weekend until TODAY. So what do we do (me and the nephew) go SWIMMING! In my parents icebox of a pool. WOW. I’m the biggest baby when it comes to cold weather or water for that matter. Ask around they will tell you I’m ALWAYS cold. But it’s mid September and the last week and a half hasn’t provided us with good temps for swimming, so this was our last chance (most likely) for a dip. It is after all NOT summer anymore. But it is after all turning into my FAVORITE time of year FALL. My mom wanted to vacuum the pool today, after all the rain in the last couple of days the pool was running over with water and leaves. Kanyon and I stood around watching her when she said, “You guys can get in if you want”. Now, Kanyon and I were both standing there thinking “sure would nice to go swimming”, but both figured Nanny/Mom would say it was to cold. So when she didn’t it didn’t take us to long to throw on our suits and hop in. And that’s how we did it. I put some lotion on him, we walked up to the edge, looked at each other and went 3,2,1, KANYONBALL! And then I thought I would die. It was so cold. Knock the wind out of your cold. So cold I momentarily forgot how to swim and forgot to NOT open my mouth under the water. It was cold. We jumped in over and over, while my mom laughed and laughed each time we came up out of the water screaming bloody murder. I smacked my butt on the bottom of the pool pretty hard which made Kanyon laugh when I came up rubbing my butt.

My nephew is sneaky. I like to say that’s the part of him he got from me…well that and the speech problem. All summer long he would try to get me to jump in with him. Hold hands. Count backwards and JUMP. All summer long I went along with right up to the JUMP part and let go so he was the only one that jumped in. Then he would laugh, call me a baby, and splash me. So today I say, “Kanyon come on let’s jump in together”. We walk up to the edge. Look at each other laugh and start counting. 3,2,1, and I was the only one that jumped in. As I started to jump I felt him let go of my hand. In the split second before I crashed into the ice cold water, I thought “that little shit got me”. When I came up he was running around the deck going “I got you I got you!!! Nanny I tricked AMY for once. HAHAHAAHHAH” Nice job Kanyon. Nice job.

My dad and my brother said we were stupid, that the water was to cold but we just swam and swam. I stayed in for about an hour but then the numb feeling in my toes and shivering got the best of me and I sat out in the sun to warm up. Kanyon was still swimming when I left for work. We had fun. And now we have to close up the pool, as my dad has decided it must be closed and covered before the Halloween party. Yeah I know it should be since it’s OCTOBER then, but closing the pool sucks. I loved going back to college every year because it got me out of closing the pool. TRUST me there is nothing that brings the loveliness that is my family out like working together on a project. And closing the pool is a PROJECT.


Sam_I_am said...

I get into the pool for something like 3 weeks out of the year (in August) because I'm always cold, haha

JennyMac said...

Polar bear swim ? BRRRRRRRRRR.