Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vying for Worst Week ever

My boss called me into her office yesterday to “talk”. However, we didn’t talk. She told me that I seem to be a miserable person. And she doesn’t think I’m capable of handling the customer contact that is required on the 7-3 shift. Because from her perspective I’m not a happy friendly person. And that she doesn’t think I have very good customer skills. She went on to say this is just her perspective since she doesn’t know me, has never witnessed me working with a customer, and hasn’t had any complaints about me.

I’m sorry, back up the crazy train for a second. You have nothing to back up this statement, which is REALLY HURT FULL, except it’s your perspective. Great. Thanks. I asked her if she was aware of how rude the morning shift girl is now to the customers, she said he wasn’t. I told her I have customers who will only deal with me because of how they have been treated by her. My boss said there was no reason to get so DEFENSIVE. No reason. You just attacked me on a personal level. You sad I appear to you to be an unhappy, miserable, unfriendly person and you don’t think I’m capable of being the face for the obit desk, but you have NOTHING to base that on. Yeah I think I will get a tad defensive after that. I deal with customers just as much in the afternoon and evening as I will in the morning. She continued to say she has “reservations” about my abilities, but she doesn’t know enough about me to not give me the shift. She said she wasn’t criticizing my work as I’m a great employee who brings in a lot of revenue, is dependable, and hardly ever writes a credit, but she just thinks I might not have the people skills to work with the high volume of customers that come in. I DO IT NOW! How can you say this when you follow it up with “but I have nothing to base this on but MY perspective of you”, how can you say that to someone and not think they’ll put up a fight. I’m not just going to sit there and say nothing while you tell me I can’t do my job, which I’ve been doing for 3 years without any complaints.

You, who were here 5 months before you even, bothered to learn my name. You, who has no idea what I even do. You, who asks me all the time when I work (like it’s fucking rocket science). You, who don’t give a damn about the fact that you, keep giving us more work and no help to do the work. You, who said raises aren’t in the budget for the 3rd year in a row, but you can hire more new people every week for the call center. I get it’s busy back there but we’re busy up here. I told her to ask anyone and they’ll tell you how I handle customers, they will tell you I smile, laugh and have a good time. She said when she comes up front to talk to the morning girl know she’s all smiles and chatty. Yeah, she’s a kiss ass, I’m not. I’m not going to kiss your ass. I don’t think you walk on water, so I wont be treating you that way. That’s what she does. That’s how she’s kept this job as long as she has, because she’s an ass kisser and we clean up all her messes. It’s not because she’s good at her job. So don’t sit there and tell me you don’t think I can handle it. You don’t even know me, you said so yourself. I felt like I needed to go get the file I have of all the THANK YOU’s people have sent me for being so helpful and throw them on her desk with a post-it that says FYI GO FUCK YOURSELF! But It seems kind of petty.

She then informs me I can start 7-3 with her noted concern on October 1st. Ok. The morning shift girl is done on Sept 18th. I asked her who would be working mornings until I start. I received a blank stare. I’m sorry did I miss something? There’s time period that isn’t being accounted for CORRECT? Then she says “well, what REALLY needs to be done before you come in at 12:30?” I said “Everything”. Like sending the page, helping CUSTOMERS (that thing you think I suck at) doing obits, legals, counter work, proof of pubs., checking the neg., memoriams, uhm…..should I continue? Her response, “Well isn’t there anyone else here that can do those things till you would be in at 12:30?” Yup. Ruth and she doesn’t come in til 2 p.m. So she, in her infinite wisdom, decided I’ll start 7-3 on Sept. 21st. GOOD IDEA.

And that was how my day STARTED Monday. GOOD TIMES.

Fast forward to Tuesday.
Back story. Mr. Ship is a jerk (different guy TAB) that I’ve known for 3 years. 3 not so wonderful years. Mr. Ship the kind of guy (or girl depending on your choice) that gets under your skin. The kind that no matter how many times they hurt you, you just keep going back for more. The kind that every time you think you’ve FINALLY become immune to their crap, they suck you back in. I’ve told myself a MILLION times I was NEVER going to talk to him again. But I always did. I’m a dumb girl sometimes, and I do what dumb girls do best. Let dumb guys walk all over them. So needless to say we’ve had this love/hate relationship going for a long time. He liked me, he didn’t like me. It was going to be “different” this time, I was great, he was sorry, blah blah blah…….NOTHING ever changed. NOTHING. I haven’t talked to him since………February or March.

I haven’t seen him since then I haven’t given him much thought. I’m over him. For real. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still piss me off. See, the last time I talked to him he was getting tickets for Trace Adkins for him, myself, and my cousin and her husband. We would all be going together, like we had in the past. Fun times. But, me knowing how things ALWAYS turn out for us, wanted to buy her own ticket. I told him I had the money I would pay my own way, that way there wouldn’t be any problems come concert time. But he wouldn’t let me. “I’ll pay for it, don’t worry about it, I’m sure we can work something out”. Well ladies and gentlemen what he thought we could ‘work out” wasn’t exactly PG-13, more x-rated. I told him I just wanted to pay for my ticket because I’ve been down this path before. But he said things would be different. Long story short. They weren’t. He stood me up…..again. In 3 years he stood me up more times then I can count on 1 hand. Like never called just didn’t show up. And then I wouldn’t hear from him for a long time and he would never mention it when I did. Just a straight JERK.

My cousin reassured me he got me a ticket and that I was still going, but then in April I got wind of the fact he was dating someone (lucky girl) and assumed I was no longer going to the concert. And I didn’t want to go, I didn’t want to be around him anymore. Fast forward to today.

Cousin~ “Hey are you going tonight?”
Me~ No
Cousin~ “I told Mr. Ship you weren’t, that you had to work”
Me~ Fuck him I think getting stiffed for a ticket after the way he treated me for the last 3 years is fair
Cousin~ “Yeah, I know”
Me~ Why doesn’t he take his girlfriend?
Cousin~ “Oh, he is. He had 3 tickets, his, yours and an extra, so she’s going anyways”
Me~ WHAT! Then there’s no fucking way I would have gone regardless, why so he can sit there all-smug like he always does. Fuck that. Would anyone have told me she was going, because I would have been pissed. I can’t be the bigger person. Not anymore”
Cousin~ I would have told you
Me~ He would probably get some sick enjoyment out of sitting there with her two seats away from me, with that stupid little smirk that always sucked me in. I hate him! He always did enjoy making a fool out of me.
Cousin~ (laughing) I know. He’s an ass.
Me~ Well have fun at the concert; tell him I said GO FUCK YOURSELF.

So that’s been my week so far. To much excitement for me, way too much. I got off the phone with her and beat the crap out of the ice in my freezer, see I don’t have one of those new self-defrosting freezers, so I have to bust the ice out of mine. It was very helpful for my mood. I would stop every now and then laughing hysterically and say “that son of a bitch, I can’t believe him” I’m so glad he’s not in my life anymore. What a jerk.


Perfectly Unperfect said...

First, bravo for standing up for yourself to your boss. I was never given the opportunity to really defend myself to my last "employer." Second, as far as the guy, girl, I have been there. It took me a LONG time to get over him. Good for you for standing up to him too! Hope he has a lousy time at the concert with his girlfriend!!

Diane said...

Oh, honey. You should have told your boss you're only miserable when she's around. Pfffftttt. Bitch.

And Mr. Ship is an asshole. 'Nuff said.

Hope your week gets WAY better!!!! xo

Cathy said...

Honestly, Mr. Ship needs to fall down the "ship" hole. You are so far above that piece of "ship". As for the boss, unfortunately, she sounds like the type that tries to make herself look better but dragging everyone else down. So she's dangerous. Don't clean up any mess she makes let her hang herself because they are never grateful if you save thier asses.
Bye the way, Have an Awesome remainder to your week!

Sam_I_am said...

wow, I was getting super stressed just reading that. I hope your week got better. Don't worry, we all know and love the real Amy McSunshine!