Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Why I don't gamble

I never win. NEVER. Ok. Wait. I win things. I won that cool apron from Mama Kat's give-a-way, and I just won a purse, which i'll post pictures of when i get a chance. Oh and I won some baseball tickets for our minor league team. But I never win anything else. Oh an a few dollars on some scratch off tickets. hmmm.....Maybe I should amend my statement. I win things SOMETIMES.

Well The final ruling has come in and drum roll please (baddddddddddammmmm) It's a GIRL. BB and his girlfriend are having a GIRL. A little PINK RIBBONS and SUGAR girl. They are not having a puppy. Looks like I'm out $50. I thought for sure it would be a puppy.
So my mom will be thrilled, she's getting what she wanted a little granddaughter. all is right in her world now. And BB and Jan will be have a little girl to complete their family. Poor Kanyon, he was really hoping for a brother. He has a little sister at his mom's house and she bites him, and he SAYS she doesn't get in trouble. My mom told him that this baby would be different. That since Kanyon doesn't live with BB and is only there on the weekend THIS (at that time) brother or sister would be so HAPPY to see him when he was there. Kanyon seemed happy with that news. I however, told Nanny she really needs to work on these HALF TRUTHS she tells this kid. He's 6. Not 2. What happens those first 3 months when the baby cries ALL the time. So didn't look pleased.neither did Kanyon.


Diane said...

Dude... you've won more since you started your blog than I've won in my whole life!

Cathy said...

You've won all that? Are you close to paying some kind of taxes on that loot? Anyway, I'm back and still crazy and now I have to go back and read all of your posts that I have missed. I can't wait to see the scrap book you make this little angel and all the bad habits that aunts are allowed to encourage!