Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My fall bucket list

I LOVE fall.  Every year there are things I want to do that I never get around to. Man it pretty much happens through our lives everyday. 

Well I might not ever get to Paris or swim in the he ocean off Bora Bora but I'm hoping I can accomplish a few of these things this fall. 

1. Attend at least one fall fest,  which has become a bit or a tradition for our family.
2. Carve a pumpkin. I usually never get around to carving them.
3. Have a campfire with friends.
4. Learn how to make apple dumplings.
5. Jump in a pile of leaves.
6. Head to a winery with some friends or a local brewery and try something seasonal.
7. Handout candy on trick or treat night. I'm always stuck at work and always miss doing it. Last year I raced home with a half hour left of trick or treating and it started pouring when I got out of the car. 
8. Makes some pumpkin cookies.
9. Snuggle up with a good book.

Some f those things I know I'll get done but I'm hoping i get a few more. 

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Sam_I_am said...

How did you do with your list? There's a really good recipe for apple dumplings on pinterest that involves a can of mt dew. Those ones are really good!