Sunday, October 5, 2014

It's a 2 for 1 kinda day

#4 a text conversation that makes you L.O.L.

this conversation took place between my bestest best friend and me. We never skip a beat even with her living in Denver, CO And me living in York, PA

BFF- last night I went to Wendy's and they gave me a regular coke instead of a DIET COKE.

ME- those jerks!

BBF- yeah, I had to calm myself down in the car. I said to myself, 'Get over it You're about to eat a baconator the calories in the regular coke REALLY don't matter at this point'

ME- LOL. 'I asked for a baconator and a DIET coke...this is regular coke are you tying to kill me!' 

While I would much rather be able to have real life face to face conversations with her. Our text conversations prove to be very comical. 

Post #5 Write a post about the color orange. 

Orange, orange, orange is a color I'll always associate with fall. Pumpkins. Leaves. Thick warm fall sweaters. I once had a warm ribbed sweater with a turtle neck that I LOVED. LOVED. LOVED. I wore it all the time. With boot cut jeans and black boots. Pretty cool. At least I thought I was. The minute it starts to cool down outside I want pumpkins and colorful orange leaves and thick warm orange sweaters. 

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