Monday, October 6, 2014

Oh to be an only child

Oh to be an only child. I can't even imagine what that would be like. It must be magical. You never have to share your toys. No one elses stinky feet will ever creepy over onto YOUR SIDE of the back seat on those long cars rides. You won't silently be wonderiing if mom likes them better. It must be great. 

I wouldn't know. I have a brother. A brother who is 18 months older then me. A super duper brother...and by super duper I mean a brother who has teased me and made my life hell on more then one occasion. My mom and grandmother like to say 'whenever you got in trouble your brother would sit in the corner with you and tell you everything is ok' I don't remember that, what with it happening when I couldn't even count past 5. You know what I remember. Him tormenting me. TORMENTING ME.  Even to this day, I'm 32 and he's a few days shy of 34, he teases me every time he sees me. His favorite thing to do is pinch the under side of my arm. He's such an ass. He also enjoys making fun or just about everything and anything that has to do with me. 

He's fun. 

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