Saturday, May 16, 2015

So that's been going on.......

I used to write my blog everyday. I carved out time everyday to get all this stuff that's rattling around in my head OUT. It wasn't amazing things that would enlighten people or ideas to change the world, it was just stuff. STUFF. And sometimes you just need to get STUFF out of your head and into someone else's. 

BUT sometimes that stuff is just to much. Sometimes that stuff is personal. But then I remember nobody probably reads this anymore. And the few that do can understand all the stuff. That stuff I need to get out of my head because they probably have stuff too. God knows we all have stuff. 

So here goes. 

The hubs and I have been 'trying, wishing and hoping ' for a baby for 2 years now.  After 6 months I asked my doctor questions. She didn't really listen to my concerns. A year later when I had my 'woman appointment' I went to a legit OBGYN. She was concerned. Very concerned. After a lot of blood work we found out I had a thyroid issue. I started medication for that but the doctor pretty much told me I was 'to fat' to have a baby and needed to lose 80lbs before she would give me any fertility help. 

Apparently thyroid problems can really MESS UP your hormones and whole reproductive system. We left that appointment feeling defeated. It had already been alomst 2 years of trying and she told me it would be another 2 years before she would suggest any treatment. 

I was angry. I was mad. I was hurt. But I did what they told. I tookmy thyroid pill everyday. I started seeing a nutritionist I lost 20 lbs. And then hubs and I attended a free seminar at the local fertility center. My other doctor said I would require treatments in the future, so we figured why not get educated. 

The first thing they told us during the presentation was
Major causes of fertility issues
1. Irregular menstrual cycles- CHECK, when I brought that up with my family doctor she acted like I was making it up. Then she said 'Well maybe you haven't had it long enough to be regular" I WAS 33, pretty much had it long then I haven't at this point. I asked my doctors when I was in my 20s if that would cause fertility issue and they all said NO. 

2. Thyroid problems. CHECK. However I had mine back under control in about 4 months. 

We learned about the different tests and treatments, it was very informative. Then we had a free 10 minute consultation. I explained my history and my thyroid problem nc they told us the course of action they would take. We left feeling hopeful. For the first time in a very long time I didn't feel like I was a failure. We still waited until January to actually start going to the center. 

They sent me for blood test after my first appointment and called me at 9 am the next morning with my results. The whole process is very structured. On this day you do this, on that day you do this, and so forth. I had tests done to make sure my tubes weren't blocked and that they weren't misshapen. Everything looked good. I started my period at which time I started taking Clomid on day 3, then an ovulation test on days 11 and 12,never got a positive, day 13 ultrasound to check for eggs. I HAD THEM!!!! That was good news. My uterus looked good. And then blood work to see if my Levels were spiking. That equals ovulation. NOPE. AMY DOESNT OVULATE ON HER OWN. They gave me a shot that makes you ovulate.we did that for two months. No luck. On May 3rd I had my first IUI. We are currently in our two week waiting period to see if I'm Preggo. Two long weeks. TWO LONG WEEKS. ON MONDAY WE FIND OUT IF I AM. 

It hasn't been easy. But we keep telling ourselves 'it's all worth it' . I've taken more drugs in the last 4 months then in my LIFE. And they are hormone my husband is just loving it/ me right now. This past Monday we found out the my progesterone levels are still to low, even with taking 3 progesterone pills a day. ( and they aren't taken orally. They are inserted.....well you can figure that part out). So my husband now has to give me a progesterone oil shot in my butt cheek everyday AND  I still have to take the pills 3xs a day. EVERYDAY. and if I m pregnant.........we have to do the shot and pills everyday until I'm 10 weeks. That will be around 42 shots. He's doing surprisingly well with it. But it still isn't fun. 


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