Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Because I'm just that AWESOME.

For whatever reason I decided that TODAY I should BACK into the driveway. 

Normally I just pull in unless I have a bunch of stuff to unload. I suppose my pea-brain decided today that 2 normal sized grocery bags equalled a 'bunch' of stuff. So I backed in. Backing in wasn't the problem. I've been BACKING IT UP since before Miley Cyrus started acting cray cray. SORRY for that. 

Anywho. I backed in and thought....'I'm pretty close to the grass on the passenger size'. Now it's important to mention...WHO CARES. I didn't have a passenger. And I won't anytime soon. So I should have just left WELL ENOUGH ALONE. 

BUT. I. Didn't. I pulled forward and then backed up while watching my side mirror. I have to say I was now leaving the perfect amount of space between my car and the grass. 

And I backed up perfectly......INTO MY CLOSED GARAGE DOOR. 
Outside view. Ahh man. Now. I wasn't planning to park INSIDE the garage, that's important to say. Don't want you thinking I'm 'that much' of a fool. I didn't just forget to put the door up, I just FORGOT to not hit the door.

Inside view. I told the hubby it wasn't that bad.....but after looking at the inside I'm not so sure. It looks worse from the inside. 


You can see the light coming in at the top of the door on the left, which was dented when we bought the house, and now you can see light coming in from the bottom of the door on the right. 

Yup. We are slowly becoming 'that house' on the block. I bet our neighbors were so excited to have someone move in because they THOUGHT we would take care of the house after having sat empty for almost 2 years.

Well we'll show them. Hahaha 

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Sam_I_am said...

I'm not trying to one up you, but I can make pretty lousy driving mistakes too. One of the best was when I was trying to turn around in my brother's driveway and thought, "oh! I still have room to pull forward.." BOOM! Smacked into my brother's garage... With the front of my car. I drove away as fast as I could and called my mom so she could break the news!