Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Busy weekend

My wonderful best friend is getting married in roughly 52days and 6 hours. Not that we are counting. 

When I got married she, along with my mom, threw me a lovely shower. Lots of homemade decorations and thought went into my shower. SO it's only far that I, along with her mother, threw her a very lovely shower over the weekend. 

Now it's important to note that the BFF lives in Denver, Co and I live here in our hometown of York, Pa. It's just a short 4 hour plane ride. It was a bit of a whirlwind weekend. She flew in at 1 am on Saturday morning and flew out at 4pm on Sunday. WHIRLWIND. 

 While it would have been great to spend more time with her the shower turned out wonderfully and I think she had an awesome time..... I think. 

I made the tissue paper garlands it was SUPER EASY. And they looked cute. We had planned to do the shower outside where they would have popped against the white porch. But it was raining.

My FAVORITE Thing was this picture board I made. I cut out brides from a bridal magazine and then found pictures of the bride that I blew up and replaced the faces with hers. And a few of the groom.

more decorations

The soon to be bride and I

Everyone brought a pair of underwear and she had to figure out who brought which and pin it to the person. It was fun and comical.

Her sister made some AWESOME COOKIES she also made some shaped like dresses and decorated super cute.

 Fun touch

We also played KISS THE GROOM. THink pin the tail on the donkey only with misses. For a fun touch I made everyone wear a 'Taylor kissy face" to block their vision. Made for funny photos.

We were all over the place. A big thanks to the bride and groom for sending me pictures of themselves without knowing what it was being used for. 

Ready to party!!!

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Diane said...

If I ever get married again, YOU are throwing my shower! ;)