Monday, August 12, 2013

Room update.

Over the weekend the hubby and I went looking for things for MY ROOM. It's really a guest room......because we get so many guests lol. But I'm also going to use it for.....well for whatever I want. Because its MY ROOM. 

I knew that with the color of the room being so BLUE I wanted to lighten it up with some white accents. 

So we picked up a white desk at Target for $39 and a small end table that matches for $12. I LIKE THE SOUND OF THOSE NUMBERS.

I also bought some curtains at Boscov's. I have to say I'm pretty happy with the choices at Boscov's and the prices. I just wanted plain white curtains. $9 a panel. 
Sorry it's hard to get a good picture of the windows, what with them being windows and letting light in.

You can see a chair in the photo with the desk but that was a surprise from my hubby. 

I didn't have a chair when I left for work yesterday and when I came home 6 hours later.....I DID. 

The chair was his mother's old sewing chair. It was dark brown wood with a red pleather looking seat. From the before picture he took (which I don't have to share on this post) you could tell she used it. I never saw the chair prior to its make over. Hubby picked it up from his brothers house bought some white spray paint to paint it. AND picked out the seat fabric and reupholstered the seat. Which he informed me "looks much easier on tv.' all while I was at work Sunday afternoon.

And it looks like to came with the desk. I love it. It h a little drawer that pulls out from under the seat to keep sewing supplies in. I don't sew but I can keep something in there. 

I we an awesome silver metal mirror at Home Goods.....but it the glass was broke. Boo. 

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