Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I never knew

You know what they never tell you in high school.......... That sometimes having a baby isn't easy. 

From what I remember of my few years of sex ed if you have sex, if you even think about having sex your will get PREGNANT and no one wants that. 

The way they talked it was easier to get pregnant then it was to cross a busy street. I know they don't want to tell high school students that it all comes down to ovulation and sperm count. Because that's just confusing not terrifying. But I feel like I was misinformed. I feel like if I had know that it might take months for my body to get back to normal (which it's NEVER been) once I stopped the pill I might have stopped sooner to start the process. I should have known. That's my fault. It's a drug of course there will be some down fall when you quit it. Looking back I see that. But I didn't even think about it then. Now I have no idea when my period is coming, as its been a different time every month....well except for the first 4 months after I stopped the pill  when I didn't have it at all.

I THOUGHT when I was ready to have a child I would just........have a child. Because if you have sex or even think about having sex you get pregnant. Isn't that what Mrs. Sweet told us, right after the awkward condom and banana demonstration. I THOUGHT that's what happen. I THOUGHT when you were ready for a baby you had sex and 9 months 

I THOUGHT wrong. Apparently the actual window of conception is pretty small. Apparently years of birth control can delay conception even after its out of your body. 

I THOUGHT. We would wait till my prescription was done and then we would start "trying". Well that was January and its now almost September and ..............nothing. I know in the grande scheme of things that's really not that long. 

I THINK I'm just frustrated because I didn't realize until NOW that it might not happen as quickly as we would LIKE. I've read articles, talked to my doctor and used websites to to try and figure out when I'm ovulating. Never in my life would I think I would be buying stock in ovulation kits.......and I'm still no closer to figuring it out. How many sticks does a women need to pee on in her life.

Every time I take a test the hubby says "I don't know why you think it's going to say anything other then no." Uhmmmmmmm........because I WANT it to say yes. Duh. We've recently had the 'Hubby you better start trying to be more positive about this and less negative nelly or I'm going to kick you in the junk.'

I just don't understand why all these 15 year olds are out there having babies left and right like its so easy. Well for them it is I guess. I know I need to be patient and it'll happen when it happens but it's frustrating when you can't make things happen when you want them to. 

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Sam_I_am said...

awww, I'm sorry that it's taking so long, but try not to sweat it too much, stress can interfer too. Every time I read an article about someone leaving their kid in a car or giving them to a stranger in Wal-Mart, I wonder why that person got to have a kid that they don't appreciate, but if we ponder that too long, it will make us crazy! If you're finding yourself too stressed, it might help to take a break from the ovulation tests, charting, basal temperatures and all that other stuff, so just lay back, relax and bang like rabbits for fun. ;-)