Sunday, August 18, 2013

A tiny bit more progress

When we moved in May we decided to unload everything into the two car garage. It would be easier to sort through. WELL. That left our garage PACKED full of STUFF. Packed full. I thought I had a photo of what it looked like but.....I can't find it. I probably deleted it in disgust. 

We have too much stuff. We donated a ton prior to moving but we should have donated a ton more. 

We've thought about working on the garage but then we look at the mess and it gets overwhelming so I usually just shut the door. 

WELL this weekend we attempted to tackle the issue. I would LOVE to park in my garage. I've never had a garage in my LIFE. And hopefully come winter we will be able to do that.

We were able to clear something out. There used to be a small narrow pathway that one person could walk through. 

We were able to clear out the majority of the center there is a desk chair box that is full of cardboard boxes that need recycled. Once that's gone this week they well be a nice big empty space. 
We stacked the boxes and crates up better which opened up more space. We also went through a bunch of boxes and condensed things. 2 bags of trash, a car load of stuff for Goodwill, and some more boxes moved inside to unpack and we have made a 'Dent'.

We haven't done anything in the back half of the garage. It took us 4 hours to do what we did. AND we know it will take many more days till we get it CLEANED OUT.'s progress. 

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Sam_I_am said...

uck. I hate the moving, sporting, organizing, donating process, BUT it will be so exciting when it's done!