Friday, August 9, 2013

Joys of home ownership

Now that I'm not longer busy making shower decorations I decide I should paint the guest room.

The hubby says "If you want to paint at least paint a room that we use.'

And while I think he has a point, WE can't decide on colors for the kitchen and living room. PLUS we still don't know what's going on with the dumb wall that separates the two living rooms. Look I know me and nothing about this girl 
Screams  I NEED A FORMAL LIVING ROOM. Nope nothing. My miss manners training stopped with Yes sir and no Sir. This girl was seen spitting over the railing at her wedding in her bridal gown and veil. Sometimes you just can't help it. So a formal living space is wasted on us. Hello, we decorate with Legos. Wasted on us. So once we figure out if and when the wall will be brought down THEN we will revisit paint choices for the "rooms we use". That should be a nightmare. Hubby is color blind but sure has a hell of a lot to say about color. 

Hubby told me I could DO WHATEVER I WANTED with the guest room. So I'm thinking craft area/ guest room/ reading place for ME. 

Ooooohhhhooooo my own room what to do what to do. 
1. Start reading home DYI blogs. CHECK
2. Form some ideas. 
3. Buy some paint. I opted for a blue. It's called Slumber by Valspar. 

So today on my day off I sweated and sweated and sweated. But I have two coats on the walls and it looks good. Maybe should have gone a shade lighter. But I wanted some COLOR so I'm happy with it. 

Started out like this.
Yes the old owners painted it yellow and light purple (2yellow walls and 2 purple walls). Cute. For them. Not really my choice but they had a little girl so I'm sure she loved it. 

Now I taped off everything. HOPEFULLY it'll be worth all the hard work. But I'm sure the blue paint is seeming onto my trim as I type this. I had to take a break after each wall just to wipe the sweat out of my eyes. Once the first coat was on I took a lunch break and watched Days of our Lives because.......that's what I do on my day off. Here's how one coat looked.

Then it was back to more painting. After the second coat I thought I might be close to passing out. But here's how it looks now 

It's blue. A lot of BLUE. But I like it. And I did it all my self. Hubby helped tape and fix a few holes. But the painting......that was all ME. And I'm betting he's pretty surprised I ACTUALLY did it. 

Next steps
1. New curtains. Nice crisp white curtains will do the trick. And I think I might hang some artwork and pictures. And I need a cool end table and lamp. My mom tried to give me an old wood desk and now I'm thinking it would look pretty good in that space. But we'll see. I'll post more when it happens. 

Now I need a shower and a nice cold drink.........with rum.

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Diane said...

"We decorate with Legos" cracked me up!! LOVE the blue! And do you have a Pinterest account? If you don't, you need one!! Decorating ideas out the wazoo! It's a bigger time-suck (at first anything) than Blogger or Facebook, though, so be careful (and don't blame me...)