Sunday, June 3, 2012

Quiet down in there voices!

AHH. Wedding. Wedding. Wedding!

That's all I can think about lately. how to decorate, what are we doing about flowers, how much beer do we REALLY need (and if you know my friends it's A LOT), how will I do my hair, and what about make-up (yuck). It just doesn't end.

I feel safe saying I'm not a bridezilla. Not at all. I'm not freaking out about having JUST the right stuff. Case in point. My center pieces. I found wooden vases on clearance at Michael's, they were exactly what I wanted. But they only 3 small ones. They had a bunch that were slightly larger. I'll admit I was a bit annoyed, they would have been perfect! Jeremy asked the people at the store and they said we could go to Lancaster (45 mins East) they had 4 more and then Camp Hill (40 minutes North) for another 4 and that would do it for us. I said NO WAY! I'm not driving all over to get wooden vases. However Jeremy talked me into it the next day so we went to Camp Hill and bought the 4 they had plus a bunch of the slightly taller ones and I said That will do. So I'm not crazy. I'm not running all over the world to find things.

Thankfully my best friend in the whole wide world is creative. So I've enlisted her help. I'm hoping to reuse the poms she made for my shower. Plus I'm finding new ideas all the time.

Like these

Yard letters

I think I can handle that. Maybe in black with some yellow

I also love these paper flowers. I found strings of them on an etsy shop but they are a little pricey so I'm hoping we might be able to recreate them.

hmmmmm.......I haven't been able to find flowers i like for my center pieces maybe we could go this route?? With different shades of yellow...... maybe a few with patterns. I think it's a cute idea.

OHHH and the ideas we have...........Jeremy tells me not to tell people the ideas we have, I'm not very good at following those rules. But We have lots of ideas that showcase US! Our personalities, our likes, just all around US! I'm so excited to put things together and get this party moving! only 97 days 13 hours 28 minutes and 29 seconds! And then.......the Honeymoon!!

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