Sunday, June 10, 2012

Check that off!

My mom bought me a wedding planner for Christmas. Not the person. That would be illegal in most places. She bought me the binder with all the different information and pictures, and questions to ask. Actually I received TWO wedding planners for Christmas....SHHHH don't tell my mom. The one mom got had really great stuff and the one Taylor got me had really great other stuff. So I combined them into one MEGA Planner. I've used...mostly when we were just getting started. It was a great source of information when looking at venues. I had know idea what questions to ask....aside from "how much does it cost". I used the flower guide to look at the pretty pretty flowers. And the the pockets to put things i ripped out of bridal magazines (FYI I bought 3 magazines during this whole time...all the first week after getting engaged. I'm not a CRAZY bride). It had great ideas for ceremony decorations and lining my unruly group up.

But I haven't opened my MEGA planner in MONTHS. Mainly because......there is a section where it lists all the things you should do in your time frame.

8 months- Hire your Calligrapher. WHAT? Do people still do that?

Well I'm afraid of that section. It's very overwhelming when you look at it. I'm at the 3 month mark. and I've done........NOTHING.

Not true. We have a place, a dress, bridesmaid dresses, partial centerpieces, half put together invites, ALL the wedding party gifts, favors, seating chart IDEA, card box, wedding topper, sandy vases but no sand, and a TON of ideas.

But now I can check cake server off the list. I wasn't going to buy one. I thought realistically we will NEVER use this again but after being bullied talked into the need for it, I bought one today. I wanted mine to be different and i wasn't excited by any i saw at the stores. Most looked cheap (but weren't) or tacky. So i opted for this.
It'll have our names (not Nicole and Andrew LOL) and our date. I loved the pattern on the cake server. I saw a few on ETSY that were hand stamped on vintage so I feel like this gets that look and is more affordable for me. I'm happy with this.

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