Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another one bites the dust

I stayed home today. My head has been pounding all morning DAY and doesn't appear to be letting up. But i figured as long as I was home I should try to accomplish something on my mile long wedding list. So I did. I finished assembling our invites. Now I was the leading force behind ORDERING invites. the soon to be hubby wanted to print them ourselves. But I said  "I don't want to worry about printing them straight and making sure they don't smear. So I found some on ETSY that we liked and ordered them. Not to be fair it did say SOME ASSEMBLY required. But I didn't realize how much SOME really was until they showed up at my door.

In this photo you will see three different black and white pieces .........well it came in 6 separate pieces. This picture shows each of the sections put together. YEAH some assembly required.

The final product. All 6 pieces assembled to make one invitation. COMPLETE ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.

But hey, it's one more thing to cross off my list.

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Sam_I_am said...

we have the same middle name! Those are very elegant, btw!