Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day

So after Jeremy informed me his son said I had something planned for Father's Day (NEWS TO ME) I figured I better plan something. so I did.

First we went to see an IMAX movie. Born to be FREE in 3D and it was AMAZING. It was a doc about 2 different women, one in Africa and one in Asia that rescued animals that were orphaned. The 3D was AMAZING.

Then we walked across to City Island (Harrisburg) and rode the Pride of the Susquehanna. I got us all tickets for the Pirate cruise. There's pizza, soda, ice cream and WATER BATTLES. With Pirates.

Jeremy and Scott

Scott and I

The pirates came in their boat and the fight was on. Water balloons, and water guns, hoses and buckets of water where all part of the battle. I watched from the upstairs....but even i wasn't safe. I took a splatter to the left hip. It was a good time.

The pirates best defense was their motor which they used to spray water on everyone.

They guys were soaked!!! and we had a long walk back over the bridge to the car in wet clothes.

All in all I think it was a pretty good day. And I'm pretty proud with my first attempt to plan a fun Father's Day for Jeremy and Scott.

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