Thursday, June 14, 2012

One time my Dad told me........

I picked ~~Share a lesson you learned from your Dad.

I don't know if it's so much a lesson as a funny story involving my Dad.
When I turned 16 I was PUMPED to be able to drive. I got my learners permit on my first second try and for the next 30 days I drove my Mom EVERYWHERE. My Mom did most of the teaching when it came to driving.....but I remember one time when I talked my Dad in to letting me drive him around. He wasn't too sure about it but he agreed and we set off in my Mom's GEO TRACKER (awesome right!). We drove on mostly back roads, all roads I was very familiar with and roads my Dad thought wouldn't be to crowded. Everything was going very well. Then as I headed down the one side happen. I was going probably around 40 mph...I should have slowed down. But I had relaxed (that wasn't always an easy thing to do with my Dad) and i wasn't on RED ALERT.

See my Dad was a truck driver. He drove an 18 wheeler from the time he was in his 20's until he passed away at 61. He knew more about driving then I could ever hope to know and he wasn't always gentle when telling you how you MESSED up. So driving with him could be a bit tense. No one wants to let their parent down, right.
So At about 40 mph I hit the worst uneven railroad tracks around. BAMN BOOM BANG BAMN!!! The whole Tracker was shaking, bouncing and my dad and I were jostled all over. On the other side of the trackers I staredt to brace myself for the discussion YELLING. But to my surprise my Dad simply looked at me and then looked straight ahead and said, "Well, I think you might want to slow down next time."
Was That.
Needless to say I've never made that mistake on those tracks again....or any railroad crossings.

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Kerry said...

Haha! Love it. My mom taught me had to drive also, with a few sessions from my uncle (Dad's not really in the picture). I'm glad that I had nice teachers. My mom told me that when she was learning to drive and her dad taught her, he was the yelling type too. Except SHE would get angry back, and simply stop driving and get out of the car because she couldn't take it, lol.

Classic NYer said...

Haha! I love when you think somebody's going to yell, and then they don't, and it's like they yelled anyway... I need to learn that skill.

Stopping in from mama kat's.

Mama Kat said...

Hahaha! Wise wise words for LIFE if you think about it. :)