Sunday, January 29, 2012


So I mentioned that things haven't been overly exciting or happy while we've been planning. Well......I do have to say that now that we picked a date and place things are getting fun again. Yesterday we went and registered for things. First we hit up Kohls, where we registered for some new kitchen things to replace our second hand used up stuff. Added a few towels in the mix and some nice place mats. But let's be honest, while we loved the kitchen stuff (Food Network brand) I couldn't see having someone pay $50 for a chip and dip set. So we also registered at Target.
Target was FUN! Well....once the stupid computer let us enter our information. grr..

I was just dinging away. more kitchen gadgets, storage things, cool wall art and shelves, board games and legos........we had to make it fun. :)

Two weeks till Mom, Missy, Jan and I go to my dress appointment! that makes me VERY excited.

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