Thursday, April 26, 2012

Moving right along

So with only 5 months.........actually closer to 4 months until the big day (Wedding Day), we are pretty much on our way.  On Friday April 13 myself, my 6 wonderful bridesmaids, my mother and my aunt went to David's Bridal to find bridesmaids dresses. I wont lie. I was concerned. 6 girls, on Friday the 13th, looking for black dresses......what could go wrong! Apparently nothing. (huge shy or relief). We were in an out in an hour. THANK GOODNESS.

I have some awesome bridesmaids who look great in everything, who liked everything and who knew to say ....."Do you like Amy cause that's what matters" Ahh... Thanks gals. That is all but my monster wonderful 10 year old cousin Rebecca. Who once the dressed was picked said over and over "I hate that dress". grrr... I'd like to point out she only liked the other dress because it was and i quote "fun to spin in". Well...........what better reason could you need. So i caved and let her and her twin sister get the fun twirly dresses. Don't tell them....but i think it was the better dress for them anyway.

Rebecca in the "fun dress"

 Rebecca and Jessica in the dress everyone else is getting

The girls in the dress.....only theirs will all be black.....this was before I told Becca she could have the other dress. She's the last one in blue she looks so thrilled pissed.

They next day was my 30th birthday/ bridal shower. Hey what can i say with two of my BM's coming in from out of town for my birthday it just made sense to have the shower while they were here. Taylor made all my decorations, they were so pretty! And Soccermom and Pam helped get everything ready. There were...........
GAMES....TP Brides and Me

Bow bouquets


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