Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fun filled weekend

On Saturday we took Scott to Home Depot. Apparently Home Depot and Lowe's both do kid builds and Saturday was build a "flower planter". Scott enjoyed it. And we picked up a flower for him to pant in the planter.

Scott building

painting the planter

Planter all done...... painted up nice

On Friday we had some nice weather so we went to the park with big brother and his family. I like going to park and being the only people there. Kanyon and Scott ran around like nuts and Sarah ran right behind them, she wasn't getting left out. She loves playing with the big kids.....sometimes she forgets she can't do EVERYTHING they can.....but she sure does try.

After the playground we walked down to the creek and since poor little Sarah wasn't allowed to climb down the rocky embankment to play in the water, she had to settle for throwing rocks in the water from up on the bridge. It's tough being a 2 1/2 year old girl with almost 9 year old boys.

Big brother, Kanyon and Scott climbed on the rocks and looked for crayfish. We'll need to find some old shoes for Scott so he has some good creek shoes for playing int he water this summer. We are looking forward to some fun summer days.

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