Wednesday, May 23, 2012

At least I'm not a 40 year old man in dunk tank dressed like a clown.....

My cousin turned 40 this month. I guess technically he's my cousins husband...but i was 10 when he came into the family so...he's my cousin. Don't care if he likes it or not. Well he turned 40. 40. 40.

I don't know who that happen. Jimmy and Missy took me out for my 21st birthday. I was there when Missy hit 30 and Jimmy hit 30. Where has the time gone. He's 40.

Now maybe it's me but my idea of any awesome party would NEVER involve me in a CLOWN suit sitting in a DUNK TANK. But his apparently did. So that's what he did. Suited up climbed into the freezing cold dunk tank and waited for someone to knock him in. I'll say this, the kids had a field day. And he went in.......a lot.

 Jimmy in the clown suit

Jimmy waiting for someone to knock him in

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