Sunday, February 12, 2012

Is this your dress??

I'm a girl. The boobies and girly parts tend to give that away.
I carry a purse. Inside is a mirror, a comb, chapstick, and a coach wallet.
My cell phone case is pink.
Occasionally I wear earrings or a necklace, but always my ring.
I use the bathroom that has a stick figure wearing a dress on it.
I'm a girl. But NOT a girly girl.
I don't wear make-up.
I don't wear dresses or skirts.....I don't even own a skirt.
My hair hasn't changed in 20 years.
I'm NOT a girly girl.

BUT I LOVED wedding dress shopping yesterday! LOVED IT.

Up close of me in Dress #3

Back of the pretty....but not my dress.

front of the dress.....but not my dress.

Dress #2........NOT my dress.

Dress #1 This was the dress I went WANTING the most! this is NOT my dress.

I went dress shopping planning to end up with dress #1. I loved it on the site, I loved it in the catalouge. It's beutiful in the store. It looked pretty on me. I wasn't the most comfortable. But I still liked it.......untill I tried on Dress #4.....but I can't show you that dress...because Dress #4 will make it's debut on September my wedding. When I saw myself in dress #4 I cried. I smiled. I looked at everyone else. They cried. They smiled. And the dress came home with ME!

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Melissa said...

OH.... I want to see dress #4 NOW!!!! ha-ha!!