Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So Labor day weekend just ended,,,,which just about means summer has gone bye byes. BOO! But then again fall is my favorite time of year, so i wont complain TOO much!

Labor day weekend means one thing around these parts....KIPONA. Kipona is a food and arts festival in Harrisburg. and i finally got to go this year. One of the perks of having a boyfriend (a super duper boyfriend) is i have some one to go to things like this with, or someone to MAKE go to things like this. We had fun. It was a very Long day and we were beat when we got home, but it was a ton of fun.

I found an awesome little stand where they were selling Clay Monsters which of course I had to bring home. check them out they are so cool.

check out their site. the people are from Baltimore, Md.

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Diane said...

Aw!!! You guys are so stinkin' cute!!! And so are those monsters :). Glad you're getting out and about and doing fun stuff!