Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 15 of 30 days

Day 15--Something or someone you can't live without (slightly modified to my life)

Someone I can't live without......TAYLOR, my bestest friend in the whole wide world! So I'm aware that "the whole wide world" is a very large area....but There's only 1 TAYLOR. thank god for that. Trust me this world couldn't handle 2 of HER! But she lives thousands of miles away right now in smelly old Denver, Co. ....OK OK, it doesn't smell there, does have an aroma but it's not a bad one as I might have implied. unless the wind blows to the left....then watch the hell out. Since high school (roughly 10 years) she has lived in the Boston area, HAWAII, Hershey, Lancaster, And DENVER! uhmmmmm.........just a thought but maybe she is trying to get away from yours truly??? NAH! So we don't see each other much....maybe once a year. But we talk for an EXTENDED amount of time on the phone. No really, it's rather unhealthy at times. like 3 hours unhealthy. hmmm.....did they ever find any true to that whole "cell phones cause cancer" because if so, we are so fucked.

Last Christmas at her parents house!

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