Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 21 of 30 days of truth

this is never ending. Look.....I know it's not REALLY never ending as I only have 9 posts left........but I'm not able to blog it feels never ending.

Day 21- your best friend is in a bad car accident and an hour before you two had a big fight, what do you do?

UHM.......go to the hospital, is this a trick question. What else would you do sit around feeling sorry that you fought with this person.....NO. My bff, Kitty and I would have forgotten about some stupid fight the minute we knew something was wrong with the other person. I can say with COMPLETE certainty that if she woke up in the hospital and I was there her first thought wouldn't be "Why is this bitch here, we just had a fight". Pretty sure that wouldn't matter ANYMORE!

And I also know if she didn't make it, she would know we didn't mean what we said. She would know that while it was being said....but that's what 15 years of friendship does.

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