Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 14 of 30....sort of!

I know. I know. It's been over a week. I'm just.........blah. Works been really busy, and life has been busy! what a mess. So I'm back. I thought about catching myself up. doing 10 days of truth today. but I've decided to just continue where i left off. which was.....(looking back) day 13. So here goes

Day---a letter to a Hero who let you down.

Dear Magic Bullet,
I'm not sure where to begin. For so long I looked up to you and your blending abilities. I stayed up nights watching and memorizing every aspect of the greatest infomercial in the history of EVER. I mean, really your infomercial was pure genius, the acting-Superb. The lighting -superb. The product-An amazing advance in technology.

I was, in awe of your food making wonder. so easy. Throw the cheese in toss in some peppers, place it on the magic bullet and 1,2........3, cheesy salsa. it seemed so dare i say, Magical. Same easy steps to make fresh homemade PESTO, omelets, frozen drinks....the possibilities were endless.

So imagine the sheer excitement that swept through my body on Christmas morning 2008. The holiday twinkle in my eye shone brighter then the star on my parents tree, because of you dear Magic Bullet.

Fast forward- You suck! And not even in a remotely cool, rebel kind of way. I mean in a completely useless, just taking up space kind of way. The frozen drink function.........SUCKED. don't get me wrong i like when my appliances smell as tho they are on fire...it brings a certain amount of uncertainty to the evening. Cheese chopping.......SUCKED. I'll give you this, you do mix up a wicked omelet....however so does my whisk and it's nearly as much of a hassle.

So to sum things up Magic Bullet........I'm sad. Oh wait.......did you hear that ........(thump).....that was your cheap ass falling off the pedestal i put you on. Try not to get your junky mechanical parts on my floor.

Thanks for NOTHING!
Amy McMean

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