Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 19 of 30 days.

Day 19--What do you think of religion

I think religion is great, if that's your thing. It's not so much religion that I have a problem with, it's ORGANIZED religion. I went to church form the time I was itty bitty till I graduated high school. I watched a group of "good Christians" fight tooth and nail to keep a women pastor out of our church, I watched those same "good Christians" choose not to let the younger generations take part in what was considered the traditions of the church, hanging out communion, and doing other usher type jobs. I was while our minster taught us about "the calling" and then left our church for one that would pay him more.

Don't get me wrong my church wasn't all bad, and I'm sure 90% of the churches in America are exactly the same. I could be wrong, but even church gets clicky.

My feelings are If you believe and you have that unyielding trust and blind faith in something....GOOD FOR YOU.....I tend to question things more. I also have a problem with people who think just because I don't think what you think or feel how you feel my beliefs are WRONG... who made them the deciding factor on right and wrong. and let's be real.......killing in the name of God....because that really seems like a good thing. I don't like how people use religion to scare people and make them behave how the masses think they should behave.

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